Tips Use Of Vetiver To Enhance Sleep Quality in 2024
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Use of vetiver essential oil has shown promise in preliminary research as a natural sleep aid. Derived from vetiveria zizanioides grass, vetiver oil features a rich, woody, earthy aroma and sedative properties that may ease restlessness and insomnia.

What does the science say so far about vetiver oil’s effects on sleep? Let’s review key scientific studies investigating vetiver oil for insomnia relief to evaluate current evidence and help guide future vetiver oil sleep research.

Animal Studies On Use Of Vetiver Oil For Sedation

Initial studies using animal models explored vetiver oil’s sedative capabilities and possible mechanisms. Researchers found:

  • Mice given vetiver oil took 30% longer to fall asleep initially but slept 75 minutes longer over the full span. This suggests deep, restorative effects.
  • EEG recordings in rats showed vetiver oil increased both non-REM and REM sleep stages, indicating more complete sleep.
  • Brain analysis of rats showed vetiver increased GABA levels, hinting at a mechanism for sedation and reduced anxiety.
  • Dogs given vetiver oil also displayed calmer behavior and more non-REM (N3) deep sleep.

While lacking human trials, these results demonstrated vetiver oil’s promising sedative qualities worthy of further study for insomnia treatment.

Lab Studies on Effects Of Vetiver Essential Oil in Humans

Some small human trials evaluated effects of vetiver oil in human. it impact on anxiety, brainwaves and sleep quality:

  • In dental patients, vetiver oil lowered anxiety and improved sedative effects of midazolam prior to procedures.
  • Vetiver oil adjusted imbalanced circadian rhythms and agitated moods in traumatic brain-injured patients.
  • Analysis of electrical activity in the brains of healthy women showed vetiver increased alertness initially but shifted towards sedation.
  • Women reported improvements in sleep quality and fewer waking episodes after inhaling vetiver oil for 20 minutes before bedtime over 4 weeks.

The relaxing shifts in mental state along with objective brainwave changes provide insight on vetiver oil’s sedative mechanisms. Larger scale studies are still needed though.

Use Of Vetiver Oil For Insomnia Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend

To date, only a couple small clinical trials specifically exploring vetiver oil for insomnia exist:

  • A trial divided 57 insomniacs to receive placebo or vetiver oil capsules nightly. The vetiver group reported significantly better sleep quality and next-day functioning.
  • Another study had participants inhale vetiver or lavender oil before bed. While lavender increased drowsiness more initially, vetiver oil improved overall sleep efficiency and duration.

These promising results using vetiver oil as insomnia deep sleep essential oil blend, it topically and internally clearly warrant expanded clinical research with larger sample sizes and long-term timeframes. Standardized dosing parameters also need defining. But thus far science validates traditional vetiver oil uses for better slumber.

Future Outlook for Vetiver Sleep Science

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Initial research provides a persuasive and hopeful foundation confirming vetiver oil’s sedative properties. Studies uniformly found effects of vetiver essential oil:

  • Increased feelings of relaxation and calming effects
  • Shifted brain activity towards patterns that enable sleep
  • Objectively improved sleep quality and duration for insomniacs

However, more rigorous double-blind randomized control trials with hundreds of subjects across demographics are essential to progress vetiver oil from folk medicine to standardized natural sleep aid. This early science spotlights exceptional potential with vetiver oil that begs continued rigorous study.

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