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The best pure essential Oil from Indonesia

About Us

Global Essential Oil as The Best Pure Essential Oil Manufacturer

Global Essential Oil Indonesia is Authentic and Pure Essential Oil Manufacturer from Indonesia. We are working with local farmers to provide the best quality products from all over Indonesia.

Starting from seeing the less prosperous essential oil farmers in Indonesia, we try to help them to distribute their work to a more promising market, namely the global market or in other words export their products.

Although not the first, but we try to be one of the best pure essential oil manufacturers. Our speciality is patchouli oil, cloves oil supplier, and we are one of the largest lemongrass essential oil manufacturers.

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Why Global Essential Oil Is The Right Partner For Your Aromatherapy Manufacturers

Indonesia is a tropical country that has very fertile soil. There is a saying that planting sticks and stones in Indonesian soil can become "plants". This proves that Indonesia has very fertile soil.

Therefore, we see that Indonesia has the opportunity to produce anything from the land in this country. We see an opportunity for the essential oil industry and aromatherapy manufacturer,

Why we take part as

Patchouli Oil Supplier

Patchouli oil is an essential oil that is obtained from the leaves of the Patchouli plant. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, cosmetics, and perfumery. The unique point of Patchouli oil is its versatile properties that make it stand out from other essential oils.

One of the unique features of Patchouli oil is its grounding and calming effects on the mind and body. This makes it an ideal choice for aromatherapy and meditation. Its earthy, musky, and slightly sweet aroma promotes relaxation and balances emotions. The oil can also stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters associated with happiness and well-being.

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Why we take part as Lemongrass Essential Oil Manufacturers

Lemongrass essential oil is a versatile oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Cymbopogon citratus plant. It has a fresh, citrusy scent that is commonly used in aromatherapy and perfumery. The unique point of lemongrass essential oil is its wide range of health benefits.

One of the unique features of lemongrass essential oil is its ability to reduce inflammation. The oil contains compounds such as citral, geraniol, and limonene, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. This makes lemongrass essential oil useful in treating conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, and headaches.

In addition, lemongrass essential oil is known for its calming and stress-reducing effects. The oil contains compounds such as citral and limonene, which have been shown to have sedative effects. This makes lemongrass essential oil useful in promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

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Why we take part as

Clove Oil Supplier

Clove essential oil is derived from the clove plant, which is native to Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is known for its rich, warm, and spicy aroma, and it has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries.

There are some benefit of Clove Essential Oil such as reduce inflamation, promotes oral health, Supports respiratory health, Boosts immunity, etc. Clove oil also has analgesic properties that make it effective in relieving pain, particularly toothaches and headaches. Since clove oil has lot benefit in the end we take part to become one of the manufacturers and distributors for this product. Besides that, we also have another goal, which is to benefit local farmers around us. We always put the welfare of our farmers first

Clove oil supplier from indonesia

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