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Agarwood Essential Oil

Agarwood Essential Oil also known as Oud Aquilaria is a rare and precious essential oil derived from fungus-infected Aquilaria trees. Prized in many cultures for its rich, complex, long-lasting woody aroma, agarwood oil is used in high-end perfumes, incense, and traditional medicine. However, production methods are often unsustainable, fueling the overharvesting of old-growth Aquilaria trees in Asia's dwindling wild agarwood forests. More sustainable production is necessary.

Botanical Name : Aquilaria malaccensis

CAS Number : 94350-09-1

Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Color : Light soft dark

Odor : Rich, woody, musky, sweet

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Benefits Of Agarwood Essential Oil


Studies have demonstrated agarwood oil's potent anti-inflammatory properties. The unique sesquiterpenes found in agarwood oil have been shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes. Thus, the oil may help relieve inflammatory conditions when used topically or aromatically

Boosts immunity

Agarwood's antimicrobial and immuno-stimulating properties may help boost the body's natural defences against infection and illness when used regularly. Components like alpha-agarofuran and oxoagarospirol have been shown to stimulate circulation and cellular regeneration, potentially strengthening immune function. These effects make agarwood oil popular in Indian Ayurvedic treatments.

Stress relieving

The pleasing, woody, musky aroma of agarwood oil is known for its calming and relaxing effects on the mind and body. This can aid in relieving anxiety, stress, fatigue, and tension. The oil is often used in aromatherapy treatment blends for these purposes

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In today's essential oil market, agarwood oil stands apart as one of the most precious ingredients available, valued at up to $30,000 per kilogram.

The oil's rich, multifaceted fragrance profile combines sweet and woody base notes with hints of leather and tobacco.

These complex notes make agarwood oil ideal for creating fine perfumes. It also has a history of use in traditional medicines, incense, and religious ceremonies in the East. With responsible stewardship, this sustainable tree-to-oil process can continue supplying this unique aroma treasured worldwide.

Product Insight

Agarwood Essential Oil

Revered as "liquid gold" in ancient Asian cultures, contemporary agarwood oil remains an exotic essential oil cherished for its rarity and intriguing aroma profile. Modern production methods strive to create a sustainable agarwood oil to meet global demand while preserving Aquilaria trees in the wild.

Agarwood oil originates from the fragrant dark resin produced primarily in Aquilaria malaccensis and Aquilaria crassna trees native to Southeast Asia. This resin forms in response to mold infections which causes the trees to secrete an aromatic protective substance. Agarwood oil is steam distilled from this resinous wood. As the trees age over 40 to 60 years, the resin and oil become higher in quality. Distillers grade oil based on aroma strength, complexity, and quality.

Aquilaria Agarwood Oil Uses In Various Industry

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Incense Industry

Agarwood oil uses for centuries in the production of premium incense across Asia. The resin and essential oil are ingredients used by both religious and traditional incense makers. The scent of agarwood permeates Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim worship spaces when the incense is burned. Its aromatic qualities contribute to the overall incense experience.

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Perfume Industry

Agarwood essential oil is an incredibly valued ingredient in the perfume and fragrance industry. It is used as a base note and fixative in high-end perfumes thanks to its rare, complex scent and ability to retain other fragrances. Major perfume brands source agarwood oil to create unique, multi-layered olfactory experiences

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Pharmaceutical Industry

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, agarwood oil plays an important role. Research shows agarwood has calming qualities, immune system benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and assists other remedies. Pharmaceutical companies carefully extract and source agarwood to produce digestive aids, specialized teas, herbal medicines, and more for medicinal use. Its health properties make agarwood oil sought after worldwide.

Fun Facts About Agarwood Essential Oil

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Articles About Agarwood Essential Oil

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Fabulous Story Aquilaria Agarwood Oil : Liked Since 1000 B.C
Archeological discoveries indicate agarwood oil use in perfumes and fumigations began over 3000 years ago, originating in what is now Vietnam, Bhutan, and mountainous India. Prized for intricate woody notes layered with leather, tobacco, and earthy green undertones, oud aquilaria became exponentially coveted.
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