Essential Oil Diffuser Manufacturers Must Own DUNS Number?

Global Essential Oil as essential oil diffuser manufacturers, have been registered in the US FDA database, this shows the seriousness of Global Essential Oil in expanding its market to the United States market. Remember, the United States is the largest essential oil market in the world, and is followed by China as the second largest essential oil market in the world.

Essential oils themselves can be used for various things, most commonly, essential oils are used as fragrances such as diffusers, perfumes, and cleaning products that provide a good fragrance. However, apart from that, essential oils can be used as traditional medicines, for example, if you have a toothache, you can use clove oil to gargle. This has caused many toothpaste producing companies in the United States to use clove oil as one of their product ingredients because clove oil provides good benefits for relieving tooth pain.

We have also registered on the Dun & Bradstreet platform, this aims to make our company data quite transparent. So anyone who wants to collaborate with global essential oils will feel comfortable and confident because our company data is easy to find, accurate and transparent.

Registering these 2 things will have an impact on quality standardization, which will further strengthen the Global Essential Oils as High Quality Essential Oils Wholesale Supplier In USA

What Is US FDA Registration?

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires registration of cosmetic manufacturing establishments, packaging/labeling establishments, and ingredient suppliers under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). This registration helps the FDA protect public health by knowing who is manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and supplying ingredients for cosmetics marketed in the United States.

Any facility engaged in these activities must register with the FDA, regardless of whether the products are being exported. Registration provides the FDA with current, updated information about cosmetic companies and ingredients. The registration must include the company name and address, name of the owner or operator, and emergency contact information. Establishments must also provide the FDA with a list of all cosmetic products made at that facility. Updates must be made within 60 days of any changes.

There is no registration fee for domestic or foreign cosmetic establishments. Registration helps the FDA act quickly in the event of safety issues or contamination. If a health hazard is reported in a cosmetic, the FDA can use the registration database to notify establishments that may be associated with the problem cosmetic. The FDA can also inspect registered facilities at a reasonable time to ensure compliance with the FD&C Act.

Registration is important for cosmetic companies because it is unlawful to manufacture, package, distribute, or import cosmetics without proper registration. The FD&C Act prohibits misbranding and adulteration of cosmetics, which registration helps prevent. Companies that fail to register are subject to legal action, including injunctions and seizure of products. The FDA may suspend registration if circumstances warrant.

In summary, US FDA cosmetic registration provides oversight and regulation of cosmetic ingredients and facilities. It enables the FDA to take action when issues arise and helps ensure the safety and quality of cosmetics produced and sold. Registration is legally required for companies and provides public health protections. Keeping information updated assists the FDA in fulfilling its duty to protect consumers.

What Is Duns Numbers Meaning? Why Having Duns Number is important?

What is Duns Number Meaning? A DUNS number is a unique 9-digit identification number assigned to each physical location of a business by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Obtaining a DUNS number is important for businesses looking to export products to the USA for the following reasons:

  • It is required to register with the US government's System for Award Management (SAM) before bidding on federal contracts. All contractors and vendors doing business with the US federal government must have a DUNS number and be registered in SAM.
  • A DUNS number establishes a business credit file with D&B, which is often reviewed by suppliers and lenders to determine creditworthiness. Having a DUNS number can help gain access to business credit.
  • It enables a company to build an accurate credit profile with D&B. This credit history helps create credibility with US vendors and financial institutions.
  • The US Commercial Service, state trade agencies, and chambers of commerce use DUNS numbers to provide export counseling and assistance to businesses. A DUNS number expedites access to these services.
  • It is required to apply for a US visa as a foreign company or individual. Applicants for certain work, trade and travel visas need to provide their DUNS number.
  • A DUNS number qualifies a business for a free listing in D&B's directory which increases visibility to potential US customers and partners.

In summary, obtaining a DUNS number essentially serves as a prerequisite for doing business with both the US government and private sector. It establishes credibility for an exporting company and enables access to important trade resources and services.

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