Global Essential Oil Attending 38th Trade Expo indonesia 2023

Global Essential Oil as a manufacturer and supplier of authentic essential oils from Indonesia, participated in the Largest Expo in Indonesia, namely the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia 2023. The expo consists of 2 main events, namely an offline event held at ICE BSD, BSD City, Tangerang on October 18, 2023 - October 22, 2023. Also Online Event October 18, 2023 - December 18, 2023 that can be accessed at The website of Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Trade Expo Indonesia is the largest expo in Indonesia supported by various parties both government and private. it has been running for more than 30 years at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, before finally the location of the event was moved to ICE BSD Tangerang, due to the increasing number of visitors every year.

This expo focuses on international trade exhibitions, MSMEs, and food from various regions. The purpose of this expo is to introduce Indonesian products to the global arena, so that it is hoped that Indonesian MSMEs can export their products abroad, which will indirectly help the Indonesian economy develop. Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, The expo event recorded transactions of 401.5 trillion rupiah or around 25 Billion US Dollars.

Global Essential Oil Attends Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Global Essential Oil attended Indonesia Trade Expo 2023 as an exhibitor. Global Essential Oil which is a brand of PT Inti Agro Solution was chosen to be one of twelve companies that can work together with the Indonesia Export Channel Community to promote our products to the global arena.

The management of PT Inti Agro Solution also commented on its participation in the TEI 2023.

Mr. Arsyi as the CEO of PT Inti Agro Solution said, the Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 event is one of our ways to promote our essential oil products from Indonesian soil so that they can speak a lot in the global eyes. He also said that the expo is very suitable for Global Essential Oils because of the many target buyer countries that come to the event

In addition, Mr. Farel as the product manager of global essential oils said, Indonesia Trade Expo 2023 is an event that we are waiting for, because at this event we can directly meet buyers who will later become end buyers. Plus, buyers will be more confident with suppliers they have met directly because they can immediately try the essential oil products we provide.

In this event, Global Essential Oil brought superior commodities from Indonesia, such as eucalyptus oil, fennelseed oil, lemongrass oil, patchouli oil, clove oil, nutmeg oil, vetiver oil, citronella oil, and aetoxylon agarwood oil.

We also covered by several Indonesian national news media such as CNBC Indonesia, Tempo News, IDN Times, Media Indonesia, Kumparan, Antara News, and Other national media for promoting essential oils in a unique way

Indonesia Export Channel’s Support as an Exporter-friendly Community

Indonesia Export Channel or better known as IEC, is a community or non-profit organization that focuses on training and development of exporter companies. This community has members from all over Indonesia with various types of commodities. PT Inti Agro Solution joined the Greater Jakarta regional IEC.

Indonesia Export Channel itself often conducts various kinds of training related to exports. This community consists of more than 13 thousand members spread throughout Indonesia and is supported by the government and ITPC (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center) in various countries. Because of the size of this community, many of the local media covered Indonesia Export Channel at the event yesterday.

Vision and Mission of Global Essential Oil

Global Essential Oil's mission is to bring authentic and pure patchouli oil products from Indonesia to the global arena. TEI 2023 is the first step for Us to promote Indonesia's essential oil products even bigger and more effectively. We will always strive to promote Indonesian essential oils to the global arena, so that essential oil farmers in Indonesia can have a better standard of living and welfare in the future.

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