Is Clove Oil Uses Safe During Pregnancy?

Clove oil uses during pregnancy

advantages of clove oil uses during pregnancy

Clove bud oil has many therapeutic uses, from dental pain relief to treating skin conditions. This versatile essential oil is extremely potent and effective. Pregnant women dealing with health issues understandably may wonder if clove oil offers a natural, safe symptomatic treatment during pregnancy.

With powerful medicinal properties, clove demands caution. Used appropriately, clove oil can safely and gently treat some conditions in expecting mothers. However, extreme care must be taken with usage and dosage.

Let’s explore advantages of clove oil uses during pregnancy to help you make an informed decision.

Evaluating Clove Oil’s Safety During Pregnancy

Clove bud oil, distilled from Syzygium aromaticum tree buds, contains the compounds eugenol, acetate, and caryophyllene. These give clove its anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic properties.

When used topically, clove oil is typically safe since only minimal absorption occurs through the skin. However, ingesting clove oil can be unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Consuming large amounts may slow blood clotting, trigger contractions, or transfer to breast milk. Undiluted clove oil can also irritate mucous membranes and skin when used topically.

Always consult your obstetrician before using clove oil when pregnant. Correct dosage and dilution is crucial for safety. Used carefully, clove oil may help relieve certain discomforts during pregnancy.

Advantages Of Clove Oil Uses While Pregnant

The following uses of clove oil are generally recognized as safe during pregnancy when used in moderation.

Tooth Pain Relief

benefit of clove oil uses for toothache

Clove bud oil’s common use for temporary toothache numbness carries over safely during pregnancy. Dip a cotton swab in a highly diluted clove oil solution and apply directly to the painful tooth or gum. Only use occasionally until you can see a dentist.

Nausea and Vomiting

While little scientific evidence exists to support using clove oil to treat morning sickness, some pregnant women report sucking on cloves reduces nausea. Spicing teas with a drop of clove oil may also settle the stomach.

Anti-inflammatory Gel

As a natural anti-inflammatory, clove oil makes an excellent addition to DIY muscle rubs. This helps ease back aches, joint pains, and swelling as your pregnancy progresses. Blend 2 drops clove oil with coconut oil and gently massage into skin.

Antimicrobial Surface Cleaner

Due to its ability to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, diluted clove oil can sanitize surfaces in your home without toxic fumes. However, avoid all heavy cleaning products, even natural ones. Ask someone else to use the clove oil mixtures during cleaning.

Mild Stress Relief

Pregnancy brings physical and emotional stress. Clove oil’s sweet, spicy aroma offers a soothing reprieve when blended into candles, room diffusers, or baths. Inhale the vapors or soak away anxiety.

Possible Risks of Using Clove Oil During Pregnancy

Despite potential benefits, exercise extreme caution with clove oil during pregnancy. Always discuss use with your doctor first. Watch for these possible side effects:

Blood Thinning

Eugenol slows blood clotting. Consuming high concentrations could interfere with clotting during labor. It also makes blood screening results less accurate.

Pregnancy Complications

Ingesting clove oil may stimulate menstruation and uterine contractions. High doses could trigger miscarriage or preterm labor.

Oral Irritation

Undiluted clove oil burns and ulcerates mucous membranes. Dilute before using clove for tooth pain or nausea.

Skin Sensitivity

Clove oil may cause redness, burning, rashes for those with sensitive skin. Do a patch test before topical use.

Interactions with Anesthesia

Inform anesthesiologists about clove use before surgery or epidural administration since eugenol magnifies anesthetic effects.

Nursing Infants

Clove compounds transfer through breastmilk and harm infants. Avoid internal use while nursing.

Use caution when considering clove oil remedies during pregnancy. Discuss any clove oil use with your doctor and immediately report unexpected side effects. They can advise safe dosing and dilution to minimize risk.

The Takeaway on Clove Oil Uses During Pregnancy

woman wearing gold ring and pink dress

Used externally with extreme care regarding dosage and dilution, clove oil may offer relief from certain discomforts during pregnancy. However, ingesting clove oil or using it excessively comes with significant risks to both mother and baby. Always discuss clove oil remedies with your doctor to ensure safe use while pregnant or nursing.

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